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We support businesses that are redefining payroll.

Why We Exist

We are experiencing a movement in HR and payroll driven by new technologies and shifting employee habits and expectations. This movement has spurred the rise of on-demand payment solutions the allow employers to give their employees more control over when they get paid. We believe instant access to earned wages represents a historical shift in employee benefits.

As this shift occurs, the industry needs cohesion: in the technical terminology we use; in how we frame and measure the value of these services; and how these benefits can be best used to improve your business and the lives of your employees.

What We Do

We provide an objective platform to amplify helpful information from influential industry participants, collaborate with like-minded businesses, highlight market issues, and make access to research and data easier. Discover, share, and learn from this innovative new industry that is redefining HR and payroll by providing financial wellness through daily pay benefits.

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